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The Econo brand was established more than 25 years ago and has since evolved to be a household brand name in its own right. Econo offers a range of quality, affordable products including commodities, general merchandise, groceries, toiletries and service department items. Econo products meet customer needs through the national footprint of Masscash stores and their trader customers.
Arion offers functional electronic goods that are both affordable and reliable. The wide range of fashionable items includes irons, stoves, kettles, heaters, microwaves and hairdryers. Arion products are available to our customers at very reasonable prices and all Arion products boast a 12 month guarantee.

The 16 Soda T soft drink variants are available nationally to Masscash customers. From cola-flavoured to apple-flavoured to ginger beer, everyone is guaranteed to find a favourite flavour. Soda T is tartrazine free and won’t break the bank.


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